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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mast Laughing

Attitude rocks.
"I Failed in some subjects in xam,but my frnd pased in all. Nw, he is an engineer in microsoft & i am the owner of microsoft"-Bill gates
Believe in urself...
Doctr-tabiyat kaisi hai
Santa-pehle se zyada khrab hai
Doc-dawai kha li thi
Santa:nai dawai ki sheeshi bhari hui thi
Dr-i mean dawai le li thi
Santa-ji apne di mne le li.
Dr-bewkoof dwai pee li thi?
santa-nai dwai to lal thi...
Dr-abe pagal dwai ko pee lia tha? santa-nai peelia to mjhe tha :-)
1 murde se jab uski dastan puchhi gai to usne kuchh is tarah bayan ki- hume to apno ne luta gairo me kahan dum tha,
Meri haddi bhi waha tuti jahan hospital band tha,
Mujhe woh ambulance mili jisme petrol kam tha,
Mujhe rikshe me bithaya kyonki kiraya kam tha,
Mujhe Dr. ne uthaya narso me kaha dum tha,
Mujhe jis bed par litaya uske niche bam tha,
Mujhe bam ne udaya goli me kanha dam tha,
Mujhe sadak par he dafnaya kyonki kabristan me bhi function tha...
Santa Cricket Khel Kar Aaya.
Banta:Kitne Run Banaye?
Santa:Century Hone Me 99 Run Baki The Or me Out Ho Gya.
Banta: shit Yar.
Consequences of American life style..
wife rushed in 2 house screaming her husband-"Darlng, Come quick.. Ur kids n my kids r beating our Kids.!!"


Diff.between new couples & old couples? New couples "LIPS"mila k sote h,or old couples "HIPS" mila k..

Definition of Cigarette - A pinch of tobacco rolled in paper with fire at one end and a fool at the other.

Lady 2 dentist: Oooh.. daant nikalwane se to pregnant hona jada aasan hota hai.
Dentist: jaldi soch lo fir me chair usi hisaab se set karunga....!!!!!
Pati k Marne k Next day,Wife Ne Paper Me Ad diya
"Antim Sanskar Me Shamil Hue Sab Logo Ko Thanx"
Height-5'4",36/24/36 Gora Rang
*Bacche Nhi hai
"Come like a Racer,
Sit like a Yogi,
Go like a King...!
Nw u'll ask "Whats funny?
This slogan was written on a....
man:bhagwan india se america tak sadak bna do.
God: kyu....
man:vaha mera beta rehta h or meri wife uske paas jana chahti h..
God:ye mushkil h or kuch mango..
man: meri wife ki budhhi badal do..
God:sadak sigle line banani h ya double line...
POLICE JOKES- A Traffic cop stops a guy for speeding.'I've been waiting all day for you,' says the cop. The guy replies, 'Well I've got here as fast as I can.'
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